How to find lost mobile phone using your Gmail

How to find lost mobile phone using your Email Mobile phones are a big necessity for all of us. But more than the necessity, we are dependent on our android mobiles for different Banking Apps. We don’t want any person to know the credentials of our banking. When we lost mobiles or someone steals mobile … Read more

ATM Frauds: 5 Things To Do After Being Cheated

It has come to light that there has been a spectacular spike in ATM fraud cases in the country. A recent mysterious case in Haryana’s Gurugram is a stark reminder of such ATM and plastic cash card related frauds in the country. In the particular case, at least 50 people who used their debit/credit cards … Read more

Tips For Health During Monsoon in India

Tips For Health During Monsoon in India Monsoon in India has knocked on the door and it’s time to prepare so that we can tackle it with fun, without getting sick. Here I am listing some of the very important Tips For Health During Monsoon in India, which are easily carried out in our day … Read more

Sources for no copyright royalty free Images For commercial use

Are you looking for free no copyright royalty free images for your blog or youtube channel videos? High quality images boosts the engagement level of your website. In this article, we will show you 10 great websites where you will find free public domain and CC0-Licensed images that you can use anywhere including commercial purpose … Read more

Importance of Image Alt Text and Image Title in SEO

A large amount of web content consists of images generally named as (Image-001.jpeg) and not labelled as Image alt text and image title. However it is very necessary to optimize their images (by using Image Alt Text and Image Title)  for speed and for better search rankings. Even though WordPress comes with the option to add … Read more

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